#OBERYN4EVER — Pedro Pascal at Wired Cafe’s Comic-Con event (2014) [x]

#OBERYN4EVER — Pedro Pascal at Wired Cafe’s Comic-Con event (2014) [x]

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Behold, Empire’s top 50 sexiest men of 2013.

Beautiful people in no particular order
↳ Chris Hemsworth: "If the door’s closed in your face more times than it’s open then you’ve gotta, for whatever reason, keep pushing forward."

30 ACTORS I ADMIRE - Andrew Scott
(When asked about A Scandal in Belgravia) It starts by Jim going into the Tower of London, attempting to steal the Crown Jewels, which was, I have to say, one of the most fun days of filming I’ve ever had. There was sort of a soundtrack of classical music in the background which I had to sort of dance along to. Well, I didn’t have to…I did.

30 ACTORS I ADMIRE - David Tennant
I often stop when I’m doing something, in the middle of rehearsals or some other job, and I try to take a minute to think, “Okay, this might be as good as it gets, so drink it in, appreciate it now”. So far, I’ve been lucky because another job has always come along to equal the last.

30 ACTORS I ADMIRE - James McAvoy
I’m mostly here through luck, and I’m very grateful for it, too. Nothing has come handed to me on a plate, and I still audition for every role, just as it should be.

30 ACTORS I ADMIRE - Richard Madden
I don’t really look so much like I do on [Game of Thrones], so I don’t get recognized that much. It’s nice. I can keep a bit of anonymity. But the nicest thing is that if anyone does recognize me and stop me, it’s not just because I’m in a TV show—it’s because they really like it. It’s the biggest compliment that they want to come up and shake my hand and thank me for being part of this show that they love. It’s very complimentary and very flattering for me and everyone in the show.

30 ACTORS I ADMIRE - Tom Hiddleston
Even outside of Marvel, whenever I am working on a film, I try to not think about what people will think about it once it’s made. It will make you self-conscious and self-aware. You just have to be thinking, “Who is this guy? What does he want? It’s my responsibility to play this guy and his version of the truth is my responsibility. What other people see in that representation is up to them.” I didn’t know that people were going to like what I did in Thor as Loki. It’s nice that they liked it. But it is that thing of “to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.