If you had a sword in real life, what would you name it?

Finn Jones signing my Game of Thrones blurays for free at Collectormania


45 - 53 |100 pictures of the GOT cast (twitter edition)

This is how Finn and Gethin decided to dress themselves the day they went to that Reebok thing


Gethin: “Should I wear a white shirt with a plaid shirt and a suit jacket?”
Finn: “Why yes, jolly good idea. I think I will wear the same”
Gethin: “Hold up— pants?”
Finn: “Red skinny jeans.”
Gethin: “Good, I will wear white baggy pants with the cuffs rolled up. We wouldn’t want to match too much!”
Finn: “Ahahahaha”
Gethin: “Ahahahahahaah!”
Together: “Ahahaha!
Gethin: “Yes good”
Finn: “Good indeed”

And then this happened